Would you like your dog or cat to appear in Scooby's 2018 Calendar?

We would like to start the new year with happy adoption stories. That's why we are offering you thechance to take part in our 2018 CALENDAR CONTEST. All you need to do is send us a beautiful,good quality photo of your furry friend/s and write a couple of lines telling us about them.
Out of all the photos we receive, we will select twelve, one per month of the year. Each photo can contain more than one pet, but at least one of them must have been adopted from Scooby.
The fee for taking part is 5€ and all the money collected will be destined to the care of our animals.
2017 is being a difficult year for us. So far we have rescued 1000 animals so imagine how difficult it is for us!

The guidelines to take part are as follows:

1- Only dogs and cats adopted from Scooby can take part. We also welcome remembrance photos of pets who have passed away.

2- The photos must be in colour and in a horizontal position (not vertical).

3- The quality of the photo must be of a resolution of at least 300. Smartphone photos will be accepted as long as they are of at least 8MG and the size of the file 500KB.

4- The photos must be sent to comunicacion@scoobymedina.org before the 16th of October and the subject should include “CALENDARIO_name of the dog or cat”. For example “CALENDARIO_BLAS”. If there is more than one animal in the photo, please add all names in the subject: “CALENDARIO_BLAS_LUCAS”. Please include a couple of lines about your pet's life story too. You must also attach the proof of payment of your donation fee.

5- The donation fee is 5€ per photo. You can pay via PayPal: edwin@scoobymedina.org or using our Triodos Bank account ES06 1491 0001 2021 3033 7229 making your payment to “Scooby Sociedad de Animales y Medio Ambiente”. In the subject, the word “CALENDARIO” followed by the name of the animal must be included. For example: “CALENDARIO_BLAS”

6- The 12 winning photos will each represent one of the twelve months of the year in Scooby's 2018 Calendar. All proceeds from the donation fees will go, in their entirety, to the animals in our care.

7- The 12 winners will receive a free 2018 Scooby Calendar.



A special website for special Galgos!

We would like to invite you to take a look at this beautiful new website for Scooby’s Forgotten Galgos:
If you are thinking about adopting a Galgo, please take a look at these sweethearts! They are the Forgotten Galgos, they have been waiting in the shelter for many, many months and would love to find a loving home before winter is coming. And the winter is very wet and cold here in Spain. Some Galgos are a lot older than others (the Galgo Golden Oldies) and some are in special need because they have Leishmania or because they are the underdogs of the paddock and have a very hard time in the shelter.
Please give all these lovely dogs a chance at a family, they are the ones that need it the most! Thank you.
Carlos Klynstra, thank you very much for creating the website and helping our forgotten Galgos this way.


4 legged love

She is called Moon and she is a young Mastin, very young but she has already gone through the suffering of abandonment, she has given birth and all her pups died within a few days, most likely because of the lack of nutriments before and during the pregnancy. Even so you cannot find a sweeter dog than her, she has been in my foster care in my home and she has not had any problem with my other protégées. It has only gone to prove that galgos are racists, they don’t really like any other dogs that aren’t galgo and they are barking at the poor thing, but she seems unfazed, she is pure love and nothing more than love, she gets barked at and she doesn’t mind, she only wants to be loved and petted. She is with me because I want to put some weight on her but she is available for adoption and I want to show what giants with big hearts these mastins are, they are four legged love and until you don’t have one in your house, you won’t know.  Kisses, hugs, little bites and licks. Fermin




We are in luck. The Organization for Cooperation in Vocational Education, an organization located in the Netherlands, has just granted us accreditation as a training center for European vocational training students.

This implies that Scooby periodically will receive pupils of professional education related to the care of the animals, the auxiliary veterinary care and the management of shelters and sanctuaries. Professions, all of them, that require a regulated training period  to be exercised in Holland.

 The students will complete their training here, while with their work they will contribute to the welfare of our animals. The first three selected students will arrive in Scooby in the month of September and will spend two months here. After that period, they will return to their countries and another three students will take their place.

Currently in Spain there are 1375 accredited places of European training, most of them related to the hotel and food industry.


A number: 1023

No, it's not this year's Xmas Lottery number... It's the number of animals that have arrived at Scooby in the past 6 months!

AND WHAT NOW? Who helps us make sure the 862 dogs and 161 cats rescued this semester have everything they need?

We all feel relieved to know that these abandoned animals that appear in the streets of our cities and towns will not end up in the municipal pound where no vet assistance is given, the food provided is often just enough to keep them alive and where, if not adopted before the compulsory amount of time was up, would be put to sleep.

"It gives us all peace of mind to know that the little cat or dog that we found in the street and which we cannot take on will end up in a shelter where he/she will receive all the care necessary, wounds will be healed and where they will be operated on in order to save their lives or simply so they can walk and run again... "... It is appeasing to know that volunteers will give those animals love, treats and will try to make their stay at the shelter the best it can possibly be. But mostly, we feel relieved about the fact that they will be able to live there for the rest of their lives if they are not adopted.

A lot of you think that, because we receive money from councils and local governments because we are contracted to provide animal collection services for them, we don't need any more help, but believe us when we tell you that the amount we receive from them doesn't even cover a minimum part of our monthly expenses.
Staff need to be paid (their role is essential if we want to keep as many animals as we do in the best conditions possible), dogs and cats need to be fed daily, vets need to be paid (they cure, vaccinate, chip and neuter all the animals that arrive at the shelter), vet check ups and extra tests for poorly animals or operations for dogs that have been run over for example have to be paid too... Also the specialist care we provide to the 200 animals that live in our Sanctuary (horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens...) comes at a cost! Not to mention the electricity and water bills, taxes, insurance and petrol for our vehicles.

Helping and saving these animals' lives is enormously gratifying for us, but in order to be able to keep doing so, and above all, for them to have the good quality life they deserve, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Sadly around 170 new abandoned animals arrive at Scooby every single month and we cannot do it alone. Please help us, donate as much as you can and allow us to continue helping them!


URGENT IN NEED OF A (FOSTER) HOME!! – Collin & Farrell

Collin and Farrell are very scared!! We had to catch them in a small village near Zamora and it took some time before we caught them. Now they are safe at Scooby but this is not the right place for these traumatized dogs. A busy shelter with too many dogs and loud noises is no place where Collin and Farrell will get better. We do what we can, but look at these poor souls, lying inside the house all day, shaking. They need a home! A real (foster) home, where they can learn to relax, trust people and hopefully start to enjoy life. Can you please help them?! Thank you.
VIDEO of Collin and Farrell: